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special fluids


It’s not just our size that makes Total one of Europe’s top suppliers of hydrocarbon solvents. It’s our expertise, too, and the high standards we work to. Always attentive and available, we meet your current requirements and find the right solutions to your future needs

With top of-the-range manufacturing plants like Oudalle in Normandy – France and the Total Lindsey Oil Refinery in the UK, we produce a wide range of 120-plus solvents including aromatics (Xylene and Toluene), de-aromatised and performance fluids and sell them in various industries all over the world.

TOTAL offers products of unrivalled quality and purity:

At the cutting edge of innovation, we have developed unique expertise to deliver highly technical products that are efficient in many applications: in building and the automotive industry; in the production of tyres, ink, paint, silicone sealants and cosmetics; in water treatment and crop protection; in drilling fluids and a host of other applications.

These advanced and flexible solvents are produced in line with our strict environmental standards.

Safety, like our quality and environmental standards, is at the top of our agenda and you can be assured at TOTAL Nordic, we’re well aware of our social and environmental responsibilities.

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