Racing Fuels

ELF racing fuels

Racing fuels

Our teams of engineers and technicians develop customized fuels designed to meet the specific requirements of high level racing.

ELF racing products have become a reference in the motorsport world and a byword for top-level performance thanks to the many victories won by drivers racing under our colors.

World Champion Fuels

ELF fuels have been in use for decades at the most prestigious international races. Customized formulated, they guarantee:

  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Consistent quality

With its historical commitment and presence in the racing world, ELF is a privileged motorsport partner at the service of major federations such as FIA, FIM, CIK and FFSA.

ELF racing products are distributed through our worldwide network of distributors. Selected for their technical skills and knowledge of the racing world, ELF distributors are permanently on hand to offer you their help and advice.

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