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Oil is a barometer of the health of your machines. The quality and precision of ANAC INDUS analyses provide tangible benefits in terms of gains in productivity and reduced maintenance and lubrication costs:

· Monitoring of the machine’s mechanical state and of the residual qualities of the lubricant, without the need to dismantle or shut it down,

· Anomaly detection: premature wear of a machine part, pollution of the oil by water, dust, etc.

· Lower lubricant consumption through longer intervals between oil changes.

A complete offering for all your industrial applications:

Personalized advice

Our specialists can provide you with advice about which analysis program is suitable for your equipment and the conditions in which it operates. The best way of effectively switching from a reactive maintenance management approach (which can be costly) to a more predictive management approach – which is more economical, and enhances productivity.

A simple and effective service

On request, we can supply you with a complete analysis kit containing flasks, stickers, information sheets and pre-printed shipping envelopes. With the TIG XP 5 maintenance management application, you can directly integrate your analysis results so as to track their history and schedule your maintenance operations.

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Technical Training

Learn how

We offer programs through which people can learn how to use industrial lubricants or improve the way they use them.

Competitiveness, installation safety, human health and respect for the environment are major challenges for all industries.
Lubricants play a major role in all these areas. If properly used, they can contribute to the performance and longevity of production facilities, the safety of property, the health of users and the protection of the environment.
Topics include the right usage of industrial lubricants, safety and the environment.


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