Process Oils

Process Oils

FINAVESTAN 7.5, 15, 18, 29, 40, 70, 100

Medicinal White Oils, designed for the following industries: pharmaceutical (excipient), cosmetics (raw material), plastics (plasticizer for PS and other polymers, for all packaging intended for food contact), food (in accordance with the legislation in force). Very high purity. Odourless, flavourless, colourless. Does not contain sulphur or aromatic hydrocarbon.

The use of these oils depends on the national legislation in force. NSF 3H, meet the requirements of the following specifications:

  • European Pharmacopoeia, most recent edition
  • British Pharmacopoeia, BP 2001
  • French Pharmacopoeia Française, 10th edition
  • US Pharmacopoeia, most recent edition
  • US FDA, 21 CFR 172.878 et 21 CFR 178.3620(a), White Mineral Oil
  • European Regulation 2011/10/CE (replacing the Directives 2007/19/EC, 2004/19/EC and 2002/72/EC relating to plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs)


High performance vegetable oil developed for dough dividers and bread cutting machines to ensure optimum performance of lubrication and to give maximum protection to the knives from wear with an oil consumption lowest as possible. Especially designed for direct food contact. It is used to prevent sticking and the development of varnishes on the surface of the knives. Due to its specific formula it does not change taste and odor of the finished product. GMO free, containing no compound of animal origin. Easy to apply and ready for use.



100% vegetable demoulding oil for high temperatures. Guarantees a perfect demoulding operation for all bakery and pastry products and it respects the taste and odor of the finished product even for products with a long shelf life allows to significantly reduce oil consumption (up to 40%) in comparison to conventional demoulding agents (vegetable or white mineral oils).

GMO free, made without animal products. It is a mixture of vegetable oils and food additives which are included in the positive list of the European directive 95/2/CE.

Meets the international laws concerning food processing aids. Its use is subjected to the applicable laws and regulations in each country. It may be used in direct contact with food according to USA FDA CFR 182-184. Complies with 1829/2003/CE and regulations related to the labeling of GMO (GMO free). Free of food allergens in compliance with 2000/13/CE and 2003/89/CE.


Vegetable oil for dough dividers and bread cutting machines, especially designed for direct food contact. Could also be used as a demoulding agent in the food industry. Easy to apply and ready for use, tasteless and odorless. Due to its excellent lubrication behavior, it can reduce consumption up to 20% compared to white mineral oils CODEX. GMO free, containing no compound of animal origin.


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