PRESLIA 32 - 100

Mineral oils specially designed for the lubrication of turbines (steam, gas, combined cycle, hydraulic), gear boxes, centrifugal compressors, regulation circuits and turbochargers with separate oil circuit. Very good foarming, air release and demulse properties. High level of protection against oxidation.

ISO 6743-5 TSA /TSE /TGA/TGB/TGE/TGSB, Alstrom HTGD 90 117, Alstrom Hydro HTWT 600050, General Electric GEK 27070, GEK 28143 B, GEK 46506 E, GEK 32568 F, MAN Energie ME-TTS 001/18/92, MAN Turbo SPD 10000494596, Siemens TLV 901304, Solar ES 9-224W Class II, Škoda turbíny Plzen

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