Slide Way Oils

DROSERA MS 2 - 220

High performance multifunctional zinc free oils for machine tools, offering a wide range of products (hydraulics, slides, gears). Particularly suitable for centralized lubrication systems. Excellent anti-stick-slip properties and strong stickiness grades (ISO VG 68 to 320).

ISO 6743-2: FD 2-5-10-15-22, ISO 6743-4: HG 32-46, ISO 6743/13 : GA68-100-150-220-320-460, DIN 51502 : CGLP 46-68-100-150-220-320-460, CINCINNATI MACHINE P65-P62-P47-P50-P53-P45


Multipurpose and high-performance oils for machine tools particularly recommended for lubricating slides that are synthetic resincoated. Compatibility with cutting fluids, even of the aqueous kind. Very good adhesiveness.

ISO 6743/13: GB 68, DIN 51502,CGLP 68, CINCINNATI MILACRON P47, AFNOR E 60203 HM68,HG 68,G68, CETOP RP 91H,HM 68, DIN 51524 Part 2, HLP 68, DIN 51517 Part 3, CLP 68 - ISO 6743/13 : GB 220, DIN 51502,CGLP 220, CINCINNATI MILACRON P50, AFNOR E 60203, G220, DIN 51517 Part 3,CLP 220


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