Covrex – Hard bitumen



A high softening point combined with low penetration

COVREX® is a bitumen produced by air blowing of penetration grade bitumen, at high temperature, resulting in a material of a much higher penetration index.

COVREX are thus optimally suitable as a binder for the production of interior floors in residential and industrial building construction. COVREX is also used in the industrial sector for the production of protective coatings such as varnishes, mineral rubber, mastics, in the tyre industry, and for the production of printing inks.

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Performance characteristics

  • Binders with high strength that can be easily processed,
  • Combined with a viscosity modifying additive, the processing temperature can be reduced in applications such as mastic asphalt, but also industrial applications,
  • Available in granulates: The product is thus easy to dose and economical to use,
  • Specifications of COVREX binders are available in the respective product overview.

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