Altek – Bitumen for roofing

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Our solution for the roofing and sealing industry

In the industrial sector, the roofing and sealing membranes producers are the main bitumen users of bitumen.

ALTEK® bitumen has been specially selected and developed to fulfill the properties of elasticity, adhesion, cohesion and durability for roofing membranes and other materials for insulation based on SBS copolymers. In addition to a good solubility of the polymers, the high temperature and a constant production quality, ALTEK facilitate a simple processing during production.

Contact us to discuss your needs or to find out more on the ALTEK range.

Performance characteristics

  • Special product for roofing and sealing industry,
  • Complies with the requirements of EN 12591,
  • Specifications of ALTEK binders are available in the respective product overview.

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