Modulotal® - Bitumen

Modulotal – Hard paving grade bitumen



Bitumen range for asphalt base layers with high stability

MODULOTAL® bitumens are designed for manufacturing high modulus asphalt mixes (HMA or EME – Enrobés à Module Elevé) for use in pavement base courses and pavement strengthening works.

When used in proportions which are comparable to those of bituminous concrete the hardness of these mixes leads to strength and fatigue performance which generally allow significant reductions in thickness, and thus savings in materials.

Contact us  to discuss your needs or to find out more on the MODULOTAL range.

Performance characteristics

  • Hard paving grade bitumen with high viscosity,
  • Complies with the requirements of EN 13924,
  • Specifications of MODULOTAL binders are available in the respective product overview.

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