Kromatis® - Bitumen Binders

Kromatis – colorless synthetic binder

Kromatis teaser, binders,

Bring color and security in your city environment

In order to contribute to the growing demand for a better quality in city environment and to continue to improve safety (traffic separation), TOTAL has developed KROMATIS®, a range of clear binders.

The use of KROMATIS® reduces lighting costs, lowers indirectly energy consumption, improves hazard perception and provides overall aesthetic enhancement.

KROMATIS® enables a broad pallet of colors for asphalt applications including:

  • Tunnels
  • traffic calming areas
  • car parks
  • Bus lanes – cycle paths – leisure areas

KROMATIS® is applied for:

  • Hot and Warm Mix asphalt
  • Mastic Asphalt
  • Cold-Mix Asphalt

KROMATIS® is to be used in the same way as conventional distillation bitumen. When processing, it is important that both asphalt plant, storage and machine are free of contamination (black residues).

Contact us   to discuss your needs or to find out more on the KROMATIS range.

Performance characteristics

  • Available in different specifications, also in ready-to-use emulsions,
  • Rheological behavior similar to standard distillation bitumen,
  • Deliverable hot by bulk, but also in drums, IBC’s (for emulsions) and small bags,
  • Specifications of STYRELF binders are available in the respective product data sheets.

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