Aqualt – Emulsion bitumen

Aqualt product side


Our selected product for emulsions for road applications and building protection

With their different varieties, the AQUALT® emulsion bitumen range provides the basis for development of performant emulsions.

AQUALT® is used in the manufacture of bitumen emulsions for road use and bituminous binders for numerous uses, in particular for pavement maintenance:

  • surface dressings (usually in multiple layers)
  • impregnation, tack coats
  • cold bituminous mixes, usually storable
  • grave emulsions

Which AQUALT® variety is the right one for you depends from the purpose of use and from the specifications you are looking for.

Contact us to discuss your needs or to find out more on the AQUALT® range.

Performance characteristics

  • Universal product of constant quality for the production of emulsions,
  • Complies with the requirements of EN 12591,
  • Strong adhesion and good emulsification due to limited salt content,
  • Specifications of AQUALT® binders are available in the respective product overview.

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