Safety & Quality



TOTAL abides by the most stringent health, safety and environmental regulations.

TOTAL recommends that you refer to Eurobitume. for safe loading and handling.

To secure safe discharging at our customers, we are at your service to provide you with advice and perform safety visits.



Fulfilling standard and norms are one way of securing quality


  • ISO 9001 certificates

CE Marking

In existence since 1993, CE marking appears on products traded within the European Economic area consisting of the 27 members of the EU as well as the 3 countries in the European Free Trade Association.


Under the CPR (Construction Products Regulation) no product, manufactured and supplied in conformity with a Harmonized European Norm (hEN) can be placed on the market from 1st July 2013 unless it carries a CE mark.

Where a Harmonized European Norm exists, all TOTAL bitumen products are CE marked.

Research & Development

TOTAL Bitumen has 3 main research centers in Europe: CReS (Lyon, France), Preston (UK) and Brunsbüttel (Germany), and its headquarter in Paris. Each of the centers have extensive international design experience and state of the art testing facilities where our technologists work on innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of the bitumen markets in the Nordics and Europe. At TOTAL Bitumen we understand that constant innovation is the key to sustainability and durability in all our products. We undertake collaborative research programs with key stakeholders and independent research bodies. And excellence in our customer communication and technical support is essential in maintaining our culture of continuous improvement. Contact us if you need more information or have any questions regarding the quality of our products.

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