Dialogue, openness, equal opportunity, diversity, mobility and skills development are the values that shape the human resources policies of Total and our affiliates, whose employees are drawn from a wide range of backgrounds.
Total attracts many talented people, both experienced and just starting their careers, of varied national, cultural and educational backgrounds. With positions in more than 500 professions, we offer them opportunities in a number of specialties, including geology, research & development, marketing, sales, logistics and more. We motivate and retain our employees through human resources policies that offer them a variety of career paths and skills development opportunities, to meet today's new energy challenges more effectively.

Strong Values

Each year Total hires in the neighborhood of 10,000 people, 75% of them outside Europe. We have people of 130 different nationalities working for us.
To promote the professional growth and development of all our employees, our human resources policies are built on four cornerstones:
Diversity of backgrounds, education and culture, a genuine source of enrichment that helps us compare viewpoints to better predict trends and changes in a globalized world.
Mobility, so that employees can transfer to new jobs, segments or countries and achieve their personal career goals.
Fairness grounded in individually determined compensation, outstanding employee benefits and a progressive policy to promote employee share ownership.
Accountability and responsibility, through our daily actions around the world and an unflagging focus on ethics, safety and sustainable development.


If you are interested in joining Total Nordic, in Denmark, Norway, Sweden or Finland, please send your CV and application letter to

If you are interested in joining another division of our Group or wish to apply to another country or to the Group corporate headquarter, please go to the TOTAL Group career page


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