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Leveraging innovation to serve continuous improvement, the Total Ecosolutions program is aimed at developing products and services across the whole range of our Marketing & Service offer to help our customers — both businesses and consumers — to consume less and/or reduce their environmental footprint.

Introduced in 2009 in Europe, Total Ecosolutions is a flagship program to promote energy efficient products and solutions from TOTAL.It offers our customers innovative solutions that perform above market environmental standards, by curbing natural resource use and/or environmental impact while providing the same level of service.

  • 34 labeled products and services up to now


The use of Total Ecosolutions products and services avoided in 2011:

  • 805,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions2


Fuel Economy lubricants can reduce fuel consumption by up to 3%. These products could be found in each of our product segments such as Passenger Cars, Moto, Public Work, Transport, Agriculture, Marine and Industry.

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Designed in priority for activities where there is a direct risk for the environment if there is a leak or accidental loss of the product (e.g. chainsaw bio-lubricant)

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AZALT ECO2 35/50 is specially designed for the production of warm mix asphalt concrete. It reduces the production and application temperatures by 40°C, the Carbon dioxide emissions by 23% and the energy consumption with 19%, compared with conventional hot mix asphalt, due to the additives used.

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TOTAL and ELF Fuel Economy engine oils deliver a recognized improvement of at least 2,5%. TOTAL Quartz Ineo First 0W-30 and ELF Solaris FE 5W-30 deliver up to 3,33% improvement compared to the reference product, RL 101.

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Coastal and leisure marine:

Total Caprano Energy FE 15W-30 is a 15W-30 fuel grade economy marine engine oil. It is used to improve fuel efficiency and reduces carbon dioxide emissions.
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Public Works:

Switching from a conventional 15W-40 lubricant to Total TP Star Max FE 10W-30 improves fuel efficiency by around 1.3% (measured on an official test bench). Carbon dioxide emissions are reduced proportionally to fuel consumption.

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By switching to Tractagri or Agritec 15W-30 or 10W-30 from a conventional 15W-30 oil, the improvement of fuel efficiency by around 1% (measured on an official test bench) could be reached. Carbon dioxide emissions are reduced proportionally to fuel consumption.

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The Fuel Economy advantage is even more apparent for vehicles that make frequent stops: a series of tests conducted by Millbrook pointed to fuel economy savings of up to 1.28 liters(*) every 100 km (i.e., 3.5%) with the combined use of Fuel Economy lubricants on engines, gearboxes and axles.

(*) versus 1 liter per 100 km in the Millbrook certificate awarded
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