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Historical Involvement and Victories

Total Lubricant´s involvement in Formula 1 commenced already in 1968, and since then Total has developed several partnerships with major racing stables. Together Total and its partners have developed innovations elaborated in laboratories to improve total´s engine oil and the engine performance. Together with partners Total has had the opportunity to celebrate a significant number of victories and titles;

  • 205 Victories
  • 27 World Championships Titles
  • 14 Drivers’ Titles
  • 13 Constructors’ Titles


TOTAL Nordic F1 Lubricant partner

RICCIARDO daniel (aus) red bull renault rb11 ambiance portrait podium ambiance during the 2015 Formula One World Championship, Singapore Grand Prix from September 16th to 20th 2015 in Singapour. Photo Frederic Le Floc'h / DPPI

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Partners and New Technologies

The historic partnership between Total and Renault, going back 40 years is a perfect example of a successful partnership. The collaboration within F1 began already in 1977 and has always been noted and celebrated for innovation and on-going dialogue allied to rapid reaction with a single aim in mind – excellence at the pinnacle of motor sport. Together, Total and Renault have achieved more than 20 world championship titles and beyond 150 various victories.

 F1 Lubricant partner in the nordics

RICCIARDO Daniel (aus) Red Bull Tag Heuer RB12 ambiance pitlane during 2016 Formula 1 FIA world championship, Bahrain Grand Prix, at Sakhir from April 1 to 3 - Photo Florent Gooden / DPPI


From the infancy of the turbo era to the V10s and V8s, Total´s fuels, lubricants, cooling liquids and greases have constantly provided a significant gain in power while ameliorating the overall reliability of the mechanical ensembles. This double aim is even more pertinent today as F1 entered a new era starting in the 2014 season with the introduction of major technological revolution of sophisticated power train. It combines a V6 turbo with two powerful innovative energy recovery systems. In addition, double restrictions on the on-board fuel load and instant fuel consumption read-outs define the new Formula 1 philosophy – optimization of energetic efficiency.

This new take will bring Formula 1 even closer to the car industry and the everyday drivers. Total are proud to tackle this new challenge with Renault Sport F1 and Total´s partner teams, Infiniti Red Bull Racing and the previous Lotus Formula 1 team. Total´s researchers provide specific products for their engineering counterparts to put the Renault Energy F1-2014 among the most economical power units in the world and on the road to victory. Using the technology developed and used for racing, Total have developed products for World Champions, but using same technology to develop the products available to the general public. Read more about our products.

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Active role of our engineers

Total has a full time technical team dedicated to support Renault Sport F1 and its partner teams before and during the entire racing season. As lubricant company and partner, Total makes analysis and diagnoses to state the health of each engine and the engine oil. During each practice session at the circuits, Total carries out a diagnosis of the quality of the oil using a spectrometer, which detects the quantities of metals present in the samples. This season each power unit must compete in five consecutive grand prix so reliability is vital.

Lubricants for motorsport

Ambiance Red Bull Racing Team Total during 2016 Formula 1 FIA world championship, Bahrain Grand Prix, at Sakhir from April 1 to 3 - Photo Florent Gooden / DPPI

In collaboration with Renault Sport F1 Total´s engineers are applying powerful mathematical modeling and digital simulation with the help of computer tools to analyze how the F1 power units perform. All domains are concerned: fluids, combustion, heat, mechanical components, systems with multiple interactions and interdependences and to simulate the way lubricants behave at the molecular level.


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