Visio Stock

Your lubricant tank levels are currently checked manually. If this monitoring is not performed regularly or is inaccurate, you risk running out of stock, which implies:

  • you will certainly have to place an urgent order,
  • and also, this may bring workshop activity to a standstill. Which may result in lost business.

The Visiostock system enables you to avoid these risks, thanks to the measuring device permanently located in your tanks. When a critical level (fixed by you) is reached, an alert is automatically sent to TOTAL which then contacts you to arrange a delivery.

In practice : the information and action process put in place

Simplifying your management of the recommended lubricants

  • accurate and regular tank monitoring
  • stop you having to worry about monitoring your tanks,
  • simplify your lubricant resupplies.

Alert procedure:

  • The probe measures the level of the lubricant in the tank.
  • This information is automatically sent by GSM to an Internet server.
  • When the system detects a level below the minimum limit, an alert is sent by e-mail or SMS.
  • TOTAL contacts you to propose a delivery

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