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Dealers operating in the heavy-duty vehicle sector require a highly specialized range of lubricant products in order to maintain their trucks, buses and coaches properly.

There is no generic solution when it comes to lubricating these powerful and complex engines, which is why TOTAL works closely with its transport partners to identify and deliver specialized products that are suitable for trucks, buses and coaches.

Specialized products for both single- and multi-manufacturer dealerships

Single-manufacturer dealerships will benefit from TOTAL's diverse range of manufacturer-certified lubricants. TOTAL lubricants are recommended by a number of vehicle manufacturers including Mercedes, MAN, DAF and Scania. For dealerships carrying multiple makes, TOTAL can offer a range of products tailored to suit every vehicle you carry. We are a one-stop shop for everything you need. Furthermore, our ANAC motor oil analysis is recommended for dealerships keen to provide high-quality after-sales service.

Sector-specific products

Trucks, buses and coaches require specific lubricants that go above and beyond what the average car might require. TOTAL lubricants for this sector are specially formulated to:

  • extend oil change intervals,
  • reduce wear by limiting friction,
  • keep engines clean and operating smoothly,
  • promote fuel economy ,
  • minimize downtime and repair time.

The bottom line for your business

A highly specialized lubricant is the best choice you can make to preserve and protect your products, serve your customers, and ultimately promote your business' longevity in the sector.



  • TIR_9200_FE_5W30
    RUBIA TIR 9200 FE 5W-30
    Fully synthetic Fuel Economy engine oil which guarantees extended drain intervals. Exceptional anti wear and detergency properties. Recommended for most of Euro 5 and all of the previous heavy duty engines. Its outstanding low temperature properties facilitate cold start.
    ACEA E4 / E7, MB 228.5, MAN M 3277, VOLVO VDS-3, MACK EO-N, CUMMINS CES 20076/20077, RENAULT TRUCKS RLD-2, IVECO
  • 8900_FE_10W30
    RUBIA TIR 8900 FE 10W-30
    Fuel economy and Low SAPS engine oil that guarantees highly extended drain intervals and optimized protection. Particularly recommended for the latest generation EURO 5 heavy duty engines fitted with DPF and for previous engines (EURO 1 to 5) fitted or not with post treatment systems: EGR only, EGR + DPF, SCR, SCRT etc. Its remarkable technical performance reduces wear by limiting friction. It also helps keep the engine clean.
    ACEA E6 / E7 / E4, API CI-4, DAF, MB 228.51, MAN M 3477/ M 3277-CRT /3271-1, VOLVO VDS-4, RENAULT TRUCKS RLD-3, Scania Low Ash
  • TIR_8900_10W40
    RUBIA TIR 8900 10W-40
    Low SAPS engine oil recommended for Euro 5 and previous heavy duty engines equipped with DPF or with SCR. Proven lubrication performances with excellent anti wear and detergency properties.
    ACEA E6 / E7, E4, API CI-4, MB 228.51, MAN M 3477 / M 3277-CRT , VOLVO VDS-3, RENAULT TRUCKS RLD-2
  • TIR_8600_10W40
    RUBIA TIR 8600 10W-40
    Synthetic based lubricant for Diesel engines, suitable for EURO 4/5 (except MAN and DAF), EURO 3 and previous heavy duty engines. Guarantees extended drain intervals, optimized protection and cleanliness of the engine.
    ACEA E4 / E5 / E7, API CF, MB 228.5, MAN M 3277, VOLVO VDS-3, RENAULT RXD / RLD-2, SCANIA LDF-3 / LDF-2
  • 7900 FE 10W30
    RUBIA TIR 7900 FE 10W-30
    Fuel economy and Low SAPS engine oil recommended for the latest DPF engines (Euro 5) and for heavy duty engines with after treatment systems. It offers very high performance, optimum piston cleanliness and extended oil change intervals.
    ACEA E9, API CJ-4/SM, VOLVO VDS-4, RENAULT TRUCKS : RLD-3, MACK: EO-O PP07, MB 228.31, MAN M 3575, CUMMINS CES 20081, meets the requirements of CATERPILLAR ECF-3


  • TIR_7400_15w40
    RUBIA TIR 7400 15W-40
    Mineral lubricant suitable for Euro 5 and previous engines withouth DPF. It ensures longer drain intervals and exceptional anti-oxidation properties. Good efficiency against bore polishing.
    ACEA E7 / E5, API CI-4 / SL, MB 228.3, MAN M 3275, VOLVO VDS-3, RENAULT RLD / RLD-2, GLOBAL DHD-1, CUMMINS 20071/20072/20076/20077/20078, MTU OIL TYPE 2, MACK EO-N, meets the requirements of CAT ECF 1a
  • Rubia 4400 15W40
    RUBIA 4400 15W-40
    Standard engine oil suitable for all kinds of diesel On/Off-Road vehicles and for all off-highway applications (Public Works, industrial vehicles etc) for standard drain intervals. Good detergency level and anti-wear properties.
    ACEA E2, API CG-4/SJ, MB 228.1, MAN M 271, VOLVO VDS, MACK EO-L, MIL-L 2104 E


  • Rubia S
    Monograde engine oils for the oldest On/Off-Road vehicles. Suitable for stationary engines and gearboxes and also for hydraulic systems and torque converters, depending on the viscosity required by the manufacturer. Good stability in operation.
    10W ACEA E2, API CF/SF, ZF TE-ML 03B, MIL-L 2104 E, MB 228:0, MAN 270 30 ACEA E2, API CF/SF,MIL-L 2104 E, MB 228:0, MAN 270 40 ACEA E2, API CF/SF, MB 228.0, MAN M 270, MIL-L 2104 E


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